How can I get rid of that XP logo that comes up when I start my computer?

Some may like the “pretty” XP logo that shows up, but some may not. So, if you would like to make your boot up just a little bit faster and not have to see that logo every time you boot up your computer, you can use this quick little tip to do just that.

To begin, click on Start, Run and type in “msconfig” (without the quotes). The System Configuration Utility box will come up on your screen.

Choose the BOOT.INI tab.

Make sure the /NOGUIBOOT is check marked. Click OK.

Then, click Restart to reboot your system.

Once you have restarted, that XP logo will no longer appear on your start up screen. If for some reason, you would like the logo back, you can just uncheck the /NOGUIBOOT box and everything will be back to normal.

This system change is pretty much just for anyone who doesn’t like the picture that comes up, but it will also make your boot up just a little quicker in time.

Obviously, this tip is just for XP users, but other Windows systems can follow similar directions to discard their load up logo as well.

~ Robert Desacada