April Photo Challenge

We talk about photography a lot here at WorldStart since Steve is such an avid photographer and I know a lot of you are nuts about photography as well, so I wanted to share this site with you all.

Every month, this site has a photo challenge that really puts your editing skills to good use. You can use one or all three of the images provided, but they have to be included somewhere.

To see what other people have created using the entries, just click the April entries link. There are several pages already there of entries for you to go through. Some of them are excellent and some of them are mediocre, but I think this is a great chance to refine your skills.

To download the images to use for your entry, you can either click the “a 7 MB Zip Archive” link or I imagine you can just click the thumbnail of the one you want use. Let the picture load and then right click on the picture and choose “save target as.”

For those of us who aren’t into photo editing or photography, we can still enjoy the many images that have been made by those who do. I really loved the whole photo gallery. It was interesting to see where creativity led these people.

You will find the rules and guidelines information on the gallery page, as well as, the link to register to use the site. It’s free. I do know that you have to at least register to enter the challenge.

Well, photographers: on your mark, get set, edit!

(Since it is such a long link, I’ve included both the link and a tiny url link, so there will be less of a chance of the links breaking).



~ Amanda