Big Eye in the Sky

For this site, you need to have either Java or QuickTime installed on your computer. It’s well worth it, believe me! These are amazing panoramas brought to you by Ed Fink. He does his photography from a helicopter and just “photoshops” the helicopter out, so it doesn’t spoil the panorama.

There are several ways to check these out. You can use the scroll boxes at the top of the page to choose what you want to look at or you can scroll down and check out the ones listed on the home page.

For example, one of my favorites is the Hurricane Katrina panorama. It’s a 360 degree look at Casino Row in Biloxi, MS. My roommate had just been there about two months before Hurricane Katrina. It was amazing to hear her talk about how it had looked and what’s left there now.

If you go into the panoramas, you’ll notice there are labeled areas and that some have pictures above the label. Well, if you click on the image, you are taken to a panorama of that area. Pretty neat, huh? It’s a zoomed in panorama, if you will.

I also really loved the panorama of the Crazy Horse Memorial and there is a great one of a Corn Maze and an Ice Palace one that I really liked. As you can see, I loved this site, but you really have to explore these marvels yourself to get the full experience!

~ Amanda