How? What? Why? Forums

Welcome to a site that I am really excited to share with you. It is a forum site that is rather plain looking, but has great content. It’s devoted to answering the questions: How, What and Why?

The forum is divided into different categories. They are: Forum Help/FAQ, Electronics/Computers/Programming, Science, Transportation, Machines, Life and Living, Medical/Health/Fitness, Forum Extension and Off-Topic.

I highly recommend checking out the FAQ section at any forum site. This section handles all the login/registration issues you might have, as well as, how to edit your posts, signatures and much more. You’ll also find information on the rules and it helps take care of any technical problems you are having while using the site. You can check out the FAQ by using the link at the very top of the page and for more help, you can hit the Forum help/FAQ section of the forums.

Electronics/Computers/Programming – this section is devoted to all things electronic. It is especially filled with questions involving computers, which we all know can be quite provoking and annoying with their little burps and screw-ups in performance. You will find, not only an area for all the technical computer things you want to know about, but also about computer software. I found the software section to be really helpful if you have questions about antivirus and spy-ware programs, as well as, things like Windows Media Player, QuickTime and so on. I surfed through this section quite a bit.

Science – here you will find Math, Physics, Biology, Earth, Space, History, Chemistry and General Science sections. I think it’s pretty apparent what you’ll find here, so if you have any questions, get in there and ask them. I did particularly like the Science General forum that is there for those of you who can’t figure out which category to put your question in. It seems rather random and it had some interesting posts.

Transportation – this is where you can ask all of your transportation questions. It is divided up into categories as well: Land, Personal Vehicles, Air and Sea. You’ll notice each section has a listing of what’s in it under the title. Choose what you are looking for and get started.

Machines – here you will find three categories: Tools, Weapons and Machines. This is where you can ask questions about the right kinds of tools to use or how to fix the appliance in your life that you can’t live without, but isn’t working right (right now that’d be my washing machine) and so on.

Life and Living – I was curious about this section. There are a lot of interesting categories under this one, like Home Repair, (I need to fix my kitchen sink. I hope they have something in there about that!), Sports, Food, Entertainment, Money, Hobbies and Crafts, Language and Literature, Social History, Member Backgrounds and Geocaching. I found this section of forums to be the most helpful and quite interesting.

Medical/Health/Fitness – this area has a big name for one forum. Maybe they will add more sub categories as it grows or maybe they will find some things that don’t fit in the Body category. But, you can still ask your questions about medical, health and fitness issues here.

The last two sections have to do with off topic stuff, corrections and suggestions. They are pretty self explanatory. I hope you love this forum as much as I did. There is a lot of collective knowledge here to enjoy.

~ Amanda