Urban Dictionary

This site is not necessarily for everyone, as it is describing slang, but I found it, because I heard a song on the radio talking about showing someone your grill and had no idea what it meant.

Meanings of grill:

1.) Teeth
2.) A gold/diamond plate that is molded for your teeth. It is decorated with diamonds and/or gold. Usually worn by rappers, Nelly, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and many others.

I was highly confused, so I had to find somewhere to look it up and I found this site. I think this site is also handy for monitoring the slang coming out of your children’s mouths. My mom wouldn’t let us use slang around the house. We always had to speak perfect English. This is what comes of having a teacher for a mom. I am extremely grateful that she did, because It made me better able to communicate.

There are several ways to surf this site. The easiest way is to type in the word you want to define in the dictionary, like I did. Put in the term you want to define and click the search button.

Or, you can go through alphabetically, A-Z, and browse slang words by letter. Or you can click Random at the very end of the A to Z listing and get a random word. There are also random listings that change on the main page.

I wouldn’t want my children using a lot of this terminology, that is for sure. Another warning that I just noticed: some of the examples do have profanity in them, so I wouldn’t recommend showing this site to kids.


~ Amanda