Excel Sorting Fun

Often in MS Excel, we have a database of information that needs to be ordered in a certain way. (Whether it is alphabetical, by date or whatever; we just need to get it in order).

Since today’s tip requires you to know how to sort, I thought it might be a good idea to cover the basics first.

The first step to sorting data is to tell Excel what database it’s going to be sorting. So, to accomplish this, select a cell in the database.

If you’re sorting on only one field, you can use the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending buttons on the Standard toolbar.

If you have more than one criterion (such as by person’s name and date order), you’ll need to go to the Data menu, Sort choice.

When the Sort window opens, you’re given space to set three sorting criteria (in the order they should take precedence).

Select each sort criterion from the drop down lists, as well as, ascending or descending sort order.

When you’ve made your choices, click OK.


Now your database is nice, neat and orderly. Just the way I wish the rest of my life could be.

If only it were all that easy!

~ April