How Stuff Works

I was pretty amazed at the scope of this site once I really got to exploring it. For years, I’ve only used it to look up what I wanted to learn about. I just didn’t really grasp how extensive this site was. Let’s dive in!

On the main page, you’ll find the featured articles, popular articles, the search engine and just about all the navigation.

In the center area of the page, you’ll find today’s article. What’s the special feature for your visit? Mine was How VoIP works. (Voice over Internet Protocol or calling people from your computer). I could also choose from how iTunes, gas prices and HD-DVDs work.

Or, I could scroll down and check out the most popular articles and even see a featured article from each category. Pretty easy, huh?

Have something specific you are looking for? Well, that is easy too. Just type the subject in the search engine and click Go.

Would you rather take your time and browse the categories? If so, you can use the yellow tabs at the top of the page that are labeled with the name of each section. The sections are: Auto Stuff, Science Stuff, Health Stuff, Entertainment Stuff, Computer Stuff, Electronics Stuff, Home Stuff, Money Stuff, People Stuff and there is even a cool Mobil Travel Guide.

I had a great time learning how gas prices work, as well as how VoIP worked. They aren’t things I’d normally be so curious about, it’s nice to learn that there is more to old favorite sites than the original credit I give them. And, with them constantly adding topics, I am sure that I’ll never get bored with this site.

Check it out!

~ Amanda