Insert Your Own Photos

Today we’re going to work with the photo gallery in FrontPage. As we discussed yesterday, you can edit and customize different aspects of your site so you can see what it’s going to look like when you’re all done.

As I said yesterday, you probably have the basic layout of your site done by now and you may have certain items such as text and colors chosen. What about photos? Were you planning on inserting some pictures on your site to make it all the more personal and eye catching? If you weren’t, that’s fine too. You may be working on a serious business site and it doesn’t need pictures. That’s completely fine.

But, if you’re creating a Web site of your family that you’re going to send out to all your friends, you’re probably going to want to add pictures. Photos help keep a person’s attention so they won’t get bored with your site and they help make that personal touch that can be so important.

So, if you’ve got some photos in mind to use, get them placed on your computer so you can access them through a folder or from your desktop. Make sure they are resized and edited the way you want them to be seen. Once all of that is done, we can get started.

1.) First, open up FrontPage. Now, to get to the photo gallery, hold down your Ctrl key and click on the Photo Gallery link in the link bar that is located off to the left of the page.

2.) A default picture will show up on your screen, so to remove that, right click on the photo and from the drop down menu, choose Photo Gallery Properties.

3.) Highlight the photo you want to remove (the default one) and click Remove. This will open up some space so you can insert your own pictures onto your site.

4.) Now, you want to get back to the Properties menu, so right click again and select Photo Gallery Properties. Choose the Layout tab and pick the type of layout you want for your photos. You can choose from a Horizontal Layout, a Montage, a Slide Show or a Vertical Layout. If you want your pictures to go all the way across your page, choose Horizontal. If you want your viewers to be able to look at a slide show (which is usually very popular), choose that one. It’s all up to you and how you want your site to look.

You will also want to read through the bullets below the picture, because it talks about thumbnails and how they will appear on your site. Once you have everything chosen the way you prefer, click OK.

5.) You’re going to want to be back in the Photo Gallery Properties menu for this step as well. Make sure the Pictures tab is selected and click on the Add button, then choose Pictures from Files.

6.) This will allow you to browse through your folders and find the pictures you want to use, so go ahead and search and find the ones you want. You can upload as many pictures as you want.

7.) Once you have all your photos selected, click OK.

8.) Click Save to make sure your work will not be lost. Now, go up to File and click on Preview to see your site as it will look to all your viewers.

This part of your Web site may take you awhile, because you will want to get every picture placed on each page exactly the way you want them. I would suggest that you first sift through your photos and get an idea of which ones you want to use and where you want to place them throughout your site. Then go in and work on one page at a time, so you won’t get confused or have to make a lot of changes.

Photos make your Web site come alive and you should take your time with it. Have fun!

~ Robert Desacada