When I saw the name of this link, I was really curious. My mind instantly went to the thought of the Pandora’s box myth. Of course, I had to click on the link to see what it was all about. I waited and the page loaded and boy was I surprised! I found a Pandora’s box alright! The only difference is that this one is dedicated to music.

This site was created by the Music Genome Project and they are opening the Pandora’s box of music to help you and others find more of the music that you want and like, based on your preferences. Isn’t that neat? You do need to have Flash Player to use this site. Most computers already have this, but if you don’t, you can get it here.

To get started, type the title of a song you like or an artist’s name into the text box and click create. I happen to like the artist Frou Frou, so I typed her name in hoping it would find other similar music.

First, the Pandora player played a Frou Frou song to make sure I had typed in the right artist. Then it started playing other music in the same genre as Frou Frou, which I could then rate and decide if I liked by clicking the Guide Us button.

When you click the Guide Us button, it gives you several options for each song. You can choose whether you like it or dislike it, for the song not to play for a month, find out why it’s playing and find out how to add more types of music to this station. This is so awesome. If you don’t like something, they never play it again!

But, this is a great way to expand your musical tastes in a genre and find more music that you like as well. If you have more questions that aren’t answered on the site, you can click the Help button and choose the FAQ section where there are tons of questions answered.

Now, if you decide you really like Pandora and want to use it a lot, you are going to want to go to the Account button on the player and choose Create. This walks you through the registration process. You want to choose the free version, so make sure when they ask if you want to subscribe, you choose “no thanks.”

Now, you are all set to start exploring!

~ Amanda