Get on the Right Level

Have you been having trouble with your hard drive lately? Maybe you’ve been having so many problems that you’re almost ready to just give up on it and go get a new one. Before you do that, you might find this little tip a tad bit interesting.

Some hard drives are very sensitive to surfaces that are not level. Who knew?! Most have trouble functioning properly when they are placed on an uneven surface or at a slant. To move your hard drive and see if this could be the problem, shut down your computer and move your system to a flatter area. You can even use a level to make sure the surface is completely flat. Now, restart your computer normally and see if the drive works any better than it did before.

Often times, this will help bring a doomed hard drive back to life. Keep in mind that this trick will not work with every single hard drive. Yours might have problems beyond repair and you of course, will have to look into those further, but you can always give this a shot just to see what happens.

Keep reading below to learn about a different way to check for errors on your hard drive.

~ Erin