We all know about IMDB (Internet Movie Database) where you can find out tons of information on movies, actors and films. Now, I’m bringing you IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database) where you can learn everything you want to about the cars that are in the movies that you love.

It works a little bit different than the movie database though. Here, you need to scroll down the page and choose the make of the car you want to learn about from the alphabetical listing.

If you don’t know the make of the car you are looking for, but you do know the name of the movie or TV show it was in, you can search by the title using the Search box at the top of the page.

And, if you love cars the way I do, you can also check out the Unidentified section, where you can see images of cars that have yet to be identified from all kinds of movies.

If you have questions about the site, it’s a great idea to head to the Help/FAQ section. This is where everything is spelled out for you in easy to understand terms. It’s not just a bunch of technical jargon that you can’t make heads or tails of.

Take your love of cars to the next level and share it in the forums with other car lovers. Just click the Forums link and you can chat up a storm about your favorite cars, as well as, check out the Vehicle Identification forum.

This site is a real gem that I can’t wait to watch grow as they identify and add more vehicles to the site. Some favorite searches of mine were Batman and any James Bond movie.

~ Amanda