Reverse Lookup

Have you ever used an online search database to find old friends or other people you’ve lost touch with? Maybe you’d like to call them up and chat, but you don’t have their phone number. Or maybe you need to find someone’s address so you can send them a birthday card. If any of these scenarios ring true, you can start using a nifty little feature that most databases offer, called a reverse lookup. You can do a reverse on the person you’re searching for to find out missing information.

For example, if you only have a person’s phone number, you can do a reverse lookup to find out their address. Or, if you only have their address, you can reverse them to find their phone number. You can go to any people search Web site and click on Reverse Phone or Reverse Address. (It might be worded a little different at each site, but most have this feature).

This is just a simple way to get the information you need about the people you want to stay in touch with!

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~ Erin