Graffiti Play Do

I believe you need Java to make this work. Before we begin, let me warn you, this site is highly addictive! I spent way more time here than I had planned to and I had to tear myself away from it in order to write this! : )

To begin, click the blank white box and type your name in it. Then click OK. This will then load you into the application. Now, you have a tough choice. Where do you want to graffiti at? Do you want to go to a public room and graffiti with other people on the site or make your own room?

Well, to go public, click on of the four areas that are public. These are Public Rooms, Old School, Serious Art and No Rules.

To go private, click Private Rooms and then type in the name you want to call your room and click OK.

Either way you go, when it loads, you’ll have a tool box in the bottom corner where you will find a color palate, different brush styles and even a dishcloth tool to use to erase what you’ve made.

Now, if you decided to go public, you have to compete with the other people in the room for your drawing. If you went private, you have a blank wall as your canvas. Get creative!

There is one more feature I want to point out. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Along the bottom is a row of pictures. You can click on those to see them better and if you want to submit your own drawing, there is a link next to those pictures to do that.

Well, I’m going back to make more art on my blank wall. Have fun!

~ Amanda