Notes From the Road

Are you fed up of poetically spun travelogues that are more about painting a pretty picture rather than honestly describing an area, be it a town or a vacation spot? Well, after looking at about 100 travel sites, I have to confess, I am. I want someone to tell it like it is. Thankfully, I found Notes From the Road, a site dedicated to the “unvarnished, messy truth.” You can find more information about the site and the man behind the site in the About section. There is also a great category in the About section called Along the Way where you can see some travel images that the author just had to share.

Anyway, let’s step out of the About section and back into the main page. You’ll find navigation on the tan colored bar. Each section is devoted to a different area. The other sections are: Desert Southwest, Sierra Range, The West Indies, The Isthmus, Pacific Northwest, The Great Basin, Iberian Peninsula, Northern Seas, Desert Mexico, Atlantic Seaboard and The Great Plains.

Desert Southwest – Here you will find a foray into California, New Mexico and even into Colorado. From the gritty streets of L.A. to the wilds of Death Valley, you get a pictorial explanation that is still pleasant to read. In other words, it’s still a good story, it’s just not sugar coated.

Sierra Range – Here you travel between California and Nevada, with the Sierra Nevada Mountains as the backdrop. From Yosemite Park to the Sequoia National Park, you can learn all about these places here.

The West Indies – While I was there, this section was linked wrong, so to check it out, go here. You will find travels through the Lesser Antilles, the Bahamas and more. This section is filled with beautiful images of these tropical places.

The Isthmus – I liked this section a lot. Here you can travel between San Jose to Octal in Costa Rica, journey through the jungles of Northern Guatemala, visit the Kuna Islands or even take a look at Nicaragua.

Pacific Northwest – Travel from North California all the way to the Yukon and into Alaska. My favorite part here was the Columbia River Gorge, because the image on this page just lured me into the section with its splendor.

The Great Basin – Explore the desert, which takes you from Nevada to parts of Utah, California, Idaho, Wyoming and even Oregon. Here you can find rivers, canyons, lakes and even Area 51.

Iberian Peninsula – Are you ready to travel to Spain? How about Portugal? Or even the British territory of Gibraltar or Andorra? I loved the section here on Tangier, Morocco. It was very vibrant and interesting.

Now that we’ve delved into some of the areas on this site, you have a good idea of how it works. Each section is devoted to a certain area and you can begin to explore by using the different categories within the section to get more specific. Once you’ve chose a topic from within the category, you can easily use the Back, Home and Next buttons to navigate.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe even a glass of water or lemonade, and explore to your heart’s content!

~ Amanda