An MS Word Alternative

We all know that Ctrl + A in MS Word selects the entire document. It works great and for everyone who likes to keep their hands on the keyboard, it’s a necessary tool.

But what about people who are more “mouse oriented”?

You know, people who have duties that require regular or constant mouse contact? It’s a bit annoying to keep removing your hand from the mouse to the keyboard and back again. (Basically, on the other side of the coin, it’s as annoying as my keyboard enthusiasts find the mouse).

So, is there some easy way for these people to accomplish the selection of everything without Ctrl + A (or the all too messy dragging of the highlight through the document?) Oh, and we could never forget the ever popular click at the beginning, hold the Shift key and click at the end.

I’m happy to report that there is a one key / one click solution to this situation. You can select it all and never take your hand off the mouse.

Next time you want it all, move your mouse pointer into the left margin, hold down the Ctrl key and click.


Everything selected, no dragging, hand still in place on the mouse! What more could you ask for?

~ April