Cable Modem

You may have heard about cable modems, but do you know exactly what they are? Maybe you have one and by chance, don’t even know it. Here is a small explanation on cable modems for you.

Cable modems are obviously used to connect a computer to the Internet. They are much faster than dial-up modems and they support transfer rates of up to 30 MB per second. That’s pretty much over 500 times faster! Although they support that rate, most Internet providers limit their subscribers to a 6 MB per second rate to conserve bandwidth.

Cable modems also do not connect through a phone line. They are connected through a local TV line instead. With this, you are able to be connected to the Internet continuously. You don’t have to worry about missing calls through your phone line or any of that! You can just leave it connected, go away for awhile, come back and check your e-mail or visit your favorite Web site without having to dial out every time.

These types of modems are usually external, but some can be put into the actual computer. They are also connected through an Ethernet cord, which allows them to transfer data at the fastest speed possible. This definitely makes life easier for you, don’t you think?!

~ Erin