Gmail Groups

A couple days ago, we talked about grouping your contacts in Outlook Express. Well, what if you’re one of the many who have started using Gmail? You’re pretty impressed with some of the other features that Gmail has to offer, but you would really like a group option as well. Well, wait no more, because that day is here. The contact group option is one of the newest features that Gmail has decided to offer to its users.

You can use this feature to organize all of the contacts you have in your account. You may have a ton of contacts, you may just have a few, but either way, this is a cool thing to do! This allows you to send e-mails to several people all at once. You may want to make a group for your family members, maybe make one for your co-workers or maybe you have a club you’re in and you send e-mails to those people often. It works for anything and with it, you don’t have to type out every single e-mail address anymore; just put them all into one group and away you go.

To create a group, go ahead and log in to your Gmail account and click on the Contacts link that runs on the left side of the page. Next, click on the Groups tab and select Add a group. Now, name your group and type it into the Group name box. Name it something that you can easily remember so it’s not hard to figure out who you put in what group.

Now, type in the e-mail addresses of the people you want to put into your group in the Add contacts box. If you already have people in your contacts, it will suggest certain addresses as you type them, so you don’t even have to type all of them out completely. To finish, click the Create Group button.

You also have the option of choosing names from your contacts list to create your group. You can get their e-mail addresses from the Frequently Mailed folder or the All Contacts area. If you want to do it this way, click on the Contacts link along the left side of the page (same as above).

Open up the Frequently Mailed or All Contacts tab and just simply place a checkmark next to the people you want to add in your new group. Now, from the Add contact to drop down menu, click on New Group. Type in the name of your new group and click OK.

Either way you did it, you now have a group in your e-mail, so you can just go and click on that group name whenever you want to e-mail the people in that group. When you click on the group name, all of the addresses will automatically be included in the To: field and you can just type your message and send it off!

Go ahead and create a group for every occasion. It will make your Gmail e-mailing simply simple!

~ Erin