Group It

If you usually send the same e-mails to the same group of people, you can make it easier by creating a group for them. With group e-mailing, you don’t have to search again and again for each person you want to send an e-mail to. Maybe you’re in a club and you want to e-mail every club member. Put them all in a group and save yourself some time! Maybe you send certain e-mails only to your family members. Make a group for them!

To do this in Outlook Express, open it up and go to Tools and open your Address Book. Now, click on the New icon and choose New Group. Make a name for that particular group and type it in. Next, click on the Select Members button. This will bring up all the names you have stored in your address book. You then highlight each name you want to be placed in the group. For example, you have a card club and you want Mary, Betty, Judy, Ann, Nadene and Lisa in that group. Find their e-mail addresses and hit the Select button after each one. (You can also use Shift + a mouse click to highlight them all at the same time). Either way, click on the Select button to get all the names in the group.

After you are done, their names will appear under the Members panel. Click OK twice and your group’s name will show up in the left Contacts pane.

When you want to e-mail that group, open up a new message like normal, go to Tools, Select Recipients. That will bring up a list of all your contacts and you can scroll through to find your group’s name. Highlight the group name, hit the To: button and OK. This will then bring your group’s name into the To: section of your e-mail. It won’t show everyone’s e-mail address in a line like usual, but all the addresses are embedded in the group name.

You can then type out your e-mail and send it off. All your group members will receive it and it will save you lots of time!

~ Erin