Undo / Redo Many Steps At Once

Many of us know about the Undo and Redo buttons located on the Standard toolbar. (The left arrow is Undo and the right arrow is Redo).

What do you do if you’ve got a lot of steps to undo?

Do you click the button again and again until you are finally returned to the place you’re looking for, or do you hit Ctrl + Z until you’ve reached the right spot?

Neither of those are a lot of fun and they can take quite a bit of time.

Ever wish for a faster way to undo many changes with one straight shot?

If you said “Yes!” then you’re in the right place, because that’s where we’re going today.

Okay, so you’ve seen and used the buttons, but did you ever notice the little down arrows in each button?

Run your mouse pointer over one of the buttons. Notice how the down arrow has its own section?

Click it.

A list of actions available to be “undone” should appear.

Run your mouse pointer down the list selecting all the actions you want reversed as you go. (There’s a scroll bar on the right if you’ve got a really long list and aren’t seeing it all right away).

When you’ve got everything selected, click.


Instantly, all those steps are reversed (or redone, depending on the button). Multiple clicks need not apply!

~ April