Disk View

This week’s download comes from Sysinternals. As many before it, and as most of their free programs, it is simple, to the point and absolutely great. This download is no exception. From the uber geek to someone running his or her first defrag, Disk View will seem like one cool program.

Disk View is a program that produces a graphical representation of the folders on a particular drive. Let me try to explain this a little better for you. If you are familiar with the graphical representation of your hard drive that pop ups up when you are performing a disk defrag, you know it’s a little confusing. It’s very nice to look at, but unless you’re a computer engineer, you’re more than likely not going to be able to make too much sense out of the whole thing.

Windows’ Graphical View of a Hard Disk Partition:

Disk View however, allows you to, not defrag a hard drive (which would be nice), but rather view its contents more clearly. When you use Disk View, you notice right off the bat that it looks very similar to the defrag utility you usually see in Windows during a defrag. But, with Disk View, you can take your mouse pointer and select sections from within the display window and the program will tell you what file is occupying that space. You will also notice that the name and complete path to the file’s location is displayed clearly in the address bar at the top of the main interface.

Disk View’s Graphical View of a Hard Drive Partition:

If you would like more information on a particular section occupying space on the hard drive, just double click the file and a window will appear with additional information.

Another cool feature of Disk View is that it’s portable, meaning the program doesn’t really install anything. This makes Disk View ideal for loading on a flash drive if you want to check out a remote machine.

I hope you enjoy Disk View. I honestly don’t know how much use you will get out of it, but it is very educational in regards to shedding some light on what all those fragments are in your hard drive. Until next week, I hope you enjoy.

You can download Disk View here.

~ Chad Stelnicki