The Greatest Accordion Show on the Planet

Unlike most people from my generation, I actually like accordion music. So, when I found out there was a whole Web site devoted to the best of the best in the accordion world, I had to check it out. This site is brought to you by the Kimberley International Old Time Accordion Championships (Kiotac). While I’m not suggesting you purchase a ticket and go to the show, I am suggesting you check out the artists here, the photos and the remembered. I am trying to expose you to a different musical world!

I mean, in the News section, I learned that Kiotac broke the world record for the largest accordion ensemble. Who knew there was a world record for that? Certainly not me, how about you?

The Remembered section honors those members of the accordion community who have passed away.

Photos – Here you can see several albums of photos from 2002 to 2005. Each album tells you how many pictures are in it, as well as, how many times they have been viewed.

You can get to all of the artists from the main page. Just scroll down the page and choose the one you want to learn about. My favorite is Bernadette Colon. She’s just amazing, having translated so many different kinds of music into accordion music. I was in awe of her talent.

You can also scroll down the main page and read the contest rules, learn about bursaries (anyone under 18) and much more.

The accordion isn’t just for polka anymore! Enjoy!

~ Amanda