How do you create a signature in Thunderbird?

In case you’re wondering what a signature even is, it’s just a message you can include at the bottom of all your e-mails that you send out. It can be a personal signature like a poem or a song lyric or it can be a business like signature with your name, phone number, business hours, etc. It’s just a little note that your e-mail recipients can read when they finish your e-mail.

So, to create one in Thunderbird, you first need to open up your Notepad program. You can get there by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad. Once that opens up, go ahead and type your signature in. Like I said before, it can be pretty much anything you want. You can include a nice little poem or a quote for your friends to read or put your business information in there. Here is an example of a signature.

When you’re done typing, go to File, Save As and save it as a text file to your My Documents folder. (You can save it anywhere you want, but for this example, we’re just going to put it in My Documents). You can name it whatever you’d like in the File name: spot and just remember to have it set as a .txt (text) file. I named mine “Signature.” Once you have all of that correct, click on Save. You can then close out Notepad.

Next, open up your Thunderbird e-mail and click on Tools, Account Settings. If you have more than one account on there, choose the account you want the signature to go under and checkmark the Attach this signature box. Now, click on the Choose button and you will be able to browse through your folders and find the signature you made. So, go to your My Documents folder and find the .txt file you created. When you find it, highlight it and click Open.

To finish, click OK.

That is pretty much all you have to do. Once you find your signature, it will be included on every e-mail you send out. If you have more than one account in your Thunderbird program, you can create a different signature for each one. Maybe one is personal and one is business, so you want them to be different. Or maybe you have more than one family member using the same program. You can create a different signature for each person too.

Happy signaturing!