Treasure Joe

Welcome to Treasure Joe, an interesting site that explores the history of mining, ghost towns and other subjects like metal detecting, gold panning and coin shooting. What lured me into this site was actually the metal detecting. That has always been one of my dad’s favorite past times. As a kid, he’d take me down to the beach and we’d search for treasures with a metal detector. During our search, he’d always throw some change out of his pockets so I could discover it, and I didn’t realize that he was the one dropping the change for a long time. It was a very fun time and it is a great memory for me. I was even more excited when I got here and found out there was history, old letters and even information about ghost towns. Are you ready to explore? I know I am!

You’ll find navigation on the side menu. There are also featured articles on the main page just below the line. On the navigation menu, you have Home, Photos, Mining Glossary, Contact, About, Old Letters and Old Mining Letters. Just below that, you have the articles section where you can visit the following sections: List All/Search, Placer Areas, Tips, Travel, History and Reviews.

Home – This takes you back to the main page.

Photos – Here you can view an album of photos from the author’s travels.

Mining Glossary – This is a very important part of the site, in my opinion. Here you can get all those miner terms defined. This is a must see section, as it makes the articles more understandable.

Contact – Here you can leave feedback on the site. If you want to comment on the site or share opinions and suggestions, you can do so here.

About – This is where you can learn all about the site author and why the site got started.

Old Letters and Old Mining Letters – Here you can view images of actual letters that have been found and scanned. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the image. On the enlarged image page, there will usually be a transcript of what the letter said.

In the Articles section – Here you can list all of the articles or search by clicking the List All/Search link. This lets you view the whole database all at once.

Placer Areas – This is a listing of all the areas the author has explored that were placer areas. What is a placer area, you ask? Well, from what I can gather from the glossary, it is an area that was a placer claim and was mined in the past.

Tips – Are you interested in a little treasure hunting? Well, here you can find tips on how to get permission to do so, how to survive a heart attack while you are alone and many more.

Travel – This section gives you more ideas on locations to look in while treasure hunting, as well as, the author’s observations.

History – By far, this is one of my favorite sections on this site. You can learn the history of different places that the author has visited or studied.

Reviews – Here you will find reviews of different tools you can use while treasure hunting.

Well, I’m in the mood to treasure hunt now, aren’t you?!

~ Amanda