Add New Pages

Good news! I’m back for a couple more FrontPage tutorials for you. If you were with me last time when we went over the beginnings of FrontPage, templates, editing and customizing, inserting photos, editing the link bar and feedback, you might just be ready for some more! You’re probably pretty far along with your Web sites by now, along with being pretty familiar with editing and uploading, etc. All of that is just wonderful and for today and tomorrow, we’re going to go over just a few more things you can do with your site when using Microsoft’s FrontPage.

I’m sure a lot of ideas have been cropping up in your mind. You may want to add more pages to your site, but you’re just not 100 percent sure on how to do it yet. Well, wait no longer, because this article will guide you on how to add more pages to your site.

I am going to create a new page from an already existing page, because it tends to be a little easier. (You can always open up your application and click on File, choose New Page or Web and then choose Blank Page to create a new one as well). If you’re following along with me, open up FrontPage and click on File, Open and browse for your Web page. Once you have that open, you should see the Feedback link. We’re going to create a new page from this.

Hold down your Ctrl key and click on the Feedback link.

Now, go to File and choose Save As.

When the file name box comes up on your screen, change the name “Feedback” to the name of the new page. It can be whatever you want. Maybe you’re going to add a page all about poems. If so, you can change the file name to “Poetry.” When you’re done, click Save.

Next, go to the left panel of your main page and click on Folders. You will notice that your new page is already in the list of existing pages, so now all you have to do is link it to the rest of the pages. To do that, click on the Navigation button in the left pane and just drag the new page to wherever you would like it to be placed. Placing it in the link bar would probably be the best spot. In my example, I placed it next to Feedback.

When you do this, you will notice that the name still says “Feedback,” so we definitely need to change it so it reads “Poetry.” Right click on the Feedback box (this is the new page you just created). From the drop down menu, choose Rename and just type “Poetry” in the box.

When you have done all of that, your new resulting page will be your Poetry page. You can then go on to remove the other text and tables that are on the page and replace it with all of those poems you have.

You can follow the same steps then to create any amount of new pages that you want! The more pages you have, the more interesting your site is to your readers, so you might want to start thinking about some new ideas (if you don’t already have a million going through your head right now!) Have fun!

~ Robert Desacada