I’ve been looking into buying a new printer. What are some things I should ask when I go to the store to actually buy it?

This goes along perfectly with the quick tip above. Like I said, you should definitely ask the sales person to do a quick test print for you so you will be able to see exactly how your printer will act and also how it will sound. You don’t want that thing to be so noisy that every time you print something, you can’t even hear yourself think. : )

So, once that is covered, here are some more questions you should keep in mind to ask:

1.) How does the printer handle different types of paper? Check and see if the printer can handle things like envelopes, cards or other types of paper that you might use. Also, ask how much paper the printer is able to hold at one time. You don’t want to be constantly refilling the paper and you don’t want to run into any paper jams.

2.) What type of ink cartridge does the printer take? You’ll want to ask about black and color ink cartridges. Check on the cost of them (you don’t want to be forking out tons of money for ink later on), how easy is the installation for refills, etc. Ink is what makes your projects turn out at all, so you want your new printer to be top notch in that area. Also, even if you’re buying a printer on the cheaper side, it may cost more to refill the ink down the road, so always double check this.

3.) How easy is it to install this printer on my computer? Always ask the sales person who is helping you how the installation process is. Some printers can be more difficult than others and you can save yourself some hassle by asking. Most printers just come with a CD kit and you just have to walk through the process with a wizard, but make sure that is all you’re getting yourself into.

4.) How durable is the printer? Depending on what you’re going to be printing with your new printer, you’ll want to find out how much it can handle. If you’re only going to be printing items every so often, a standard printer will be fine, but if you’re going to be printing in high volume, you may need something a little more advanced.

5.) Does the printer handle postscript language? If you’re going to be printing a lot of heavy graphics and so forth, make sure your printer supports the language.

6.) What type of warranty does the printer come with? Always check on this to keep yourself covered.

7.) And finally, the most important question of all: How much does it cost?

If you keep these sample questions in mind, you should be able to find the printer that will fulfill all your needs and you will be happy with the turn out. We all want that, don’t we?!

~ Erin