Okay, so I’ve gotten really addicted to live Webcams of places that I’ve never been to or want to go to, which is why this site lured me in and kept me interested. Here you can find tons of Webcams placed all over the world so that you can see what a day in the life is like, or watch live feed.

There are a lot of wonderful cams here, but I want to point out a couple from the featured section before talking about the others. In the featured section, you can check out a live feed Falcon cam. So, if you loved those eagles I showed you awhile back, you now have the opportunity to see the falcons roost. When I was there, the chicks were hopping around the box. Or, you can check out the Ground Zero cam where you can see live feed of the construction on the Freedom Towers. There are five different cams for this one. Another of my favorites from this section is the Moscow cam. I’ve always wanted to visit the Red Square and now I can from the comfort of my computer chair!

Now, those were just in the featured section. We’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg. Further down the page, you’ll find a light green section that holds links to their Top 10 cams. One of my favorites from the Top 10 has got to be Naxos, Greece. It is an absolutely beautiful island. You will also find all the New Cams underneath the Top 10 section. In the light blue section, next to the Top Ten and the New Cam sections, is the EarthCam News area where you can find out what’s noteworthy with EarthCam.

Now, if you just want to get to a listing of all the cams, just go to the light blue tabs at the top of the page and click the one that reads EarthCam Network. This will take you to a page that lists the featured cams, but it also has a side menu that lists places in the USA and the world that you can visit. If a country you are looking for isn’t listed, you can go to the top of this page on the yellow navigation bar. There is a World Map link, which will let you navigate around a map and see what cams are out there by regions. Click the map to start.

So many places to go and see, but where will you end up on your computer chair travels?!

~ Amanda