Pick and Choose Displayed Formatting Marks

When you use MS Word, do you frequently display the non-printing formatting marks such as the paragraph mark, spaces and tabs?

I know that I have found them useful, but at the same time, they drive me a little bit crazy, because there is just too much going on in my document.

Ever feel that way?

I think the more pressing question for today’s discussion is to ask if you’ve ever wished to display only certain types of these formatting marks. Maybe you just need to see the spaces or only the paragraph marks?

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting that kind of control over which formatting marks are displayed, the good news is that the control is just a few quick clicks away.

To be exact, the controls are found in the Tools menu, Options choice, View tab.

In the Formatting marks section, you’ll find a list of the possibilities.

Check each option that you want displayed and click OK.

That’s it! When you return to your document, you’ll find that only those formatting marks you chose are displayed and hopefully the change leaves you without the “little bit crazy” feeling from before.

~ April