Banish the Blank Slide Jitters

When you start a new PowerPoint presentation, do you stare at that first blank slide and freeze? Do you have problems figuring out just how to start when that blank white slide just stares back at you?

If you have this type of reaction to a blank slide, you may be happy to learn that PowerPoint has some built in help, and I mean a little more help than just a slide design. I’m talking about suggestions for type of content, as well as, presentation order based on the type of presentation you’re trying to create.


Sounded interesting to me too, so let’s get right to it.

What we’re looking to use today is the AutoContent Wizard found in the newer versions of MS PowerPoint.

To begin, you need to locate the “From AutoContent Wizard” choice on the Task Pane.

If you don’t see the Task Pane, you can use either the File menu, New choice or the View menu, Task Pane choice. Either way, you’ll end up in the same place.

When you click on the AutoContent Wizard choice, a three step wizard will start that asks some very basic questions. It’s the answers you give here that will be the basis of the presentation.

The first step will ask you to identify what type of presentation you’re creating.

It’s important to pick something as close to your needs as possible, as the suggestions for content information vary for each presentation type. Picking the closest match will help ensure that you’ll find the suggestions useful.

The next two steps are basic information, such as how the presentation will be used, presentation title and footer information.

Click the Finish button after providing as much information to the wizard as possible.

Presto, change-o! Your blank slide is converted to a multiple slide presentation with suggested content topics and placement.

Obviously, you still need to enter the content and alter whatever slide setups and slide orders you deem necessary, but with the wizard, you get to skip the jitters that the intimidating blank slide can cause.

~ April