Beatles Number 9

Welcome to Beatles Number 9, where you can find all sorts of information on the Beatles. There are a couple ways to navigate here. You can use the links in the introduction paragraphs or you can scroll down and use the side menu. Where is the side menu, you ask? Well, scroll down the page past the search engine and on one side, there will be new articles and on the other, you will find the menu. Normally, I am a side menu fan, but it is almost easier to use the links in the intro paragraphs on this site. Just don’t skip looking at the side menu, because there are more categories listed there than in the paragraphs.

It is amazing how popular the Beatles are. Even today, 42 years since their 1964 Ed Sullivan Show American Debut, they are still talked about everywhere. It makes me wonder if there are any talented musicians in my generation who are going to have that kind of longevity. Or, if in another 40+ years, are we still going to be talking about the Beatles?!

This site is filled with amazing Beatles information. You can check out lyrics, news, midis, biographies, interviews and there are even some games! Pretty well packed, huh? You’ll find information, not only on the Beatles and their music, but on their families too.

I really loved the tribute to John, because not only is he awesomely remembered, but you can learn so much about him. Oh, and before I forget, there is an awesome Discussion Forum where you can get together and talk to other Beatles fans. Just make sure you register. (It’s free!)

Are you ready to start your journey into the history of the Beatles? I learned so much I didn’t know about them that I think for that reason alone, this site is a very worthwhile trip!

~ Amanda