Patently Silly

Welcome to Patently Silly, a quirky site devoted to patents that are strange, unusual or just down right silly. I can tell you that they are, at the very least, odd. On the homepage, you will find the major parts of the site.

In the Archive section, you can see all of the previous patents archived by category. They are just waiting for you to explore them! Some of the categories are: Food and Drink, Clothes, Accessories, Arts, Transportation and Animals. I can promise you that you’ll find tons of strange patents.

I found the patents in the Transportation section to be especially funny. I mean, haven’t you always wanted arm shades? Or an SUV tent? I also thought the Recreation section was funny. You know you need a surf board with a viewing window, or maybe even a pig shaped swimming pool.

In the Rant section, you’ll find one featured patent. If you click the links in the paragraph, you can see different photos of the mentioned patented items.

About Us – Here you can learn all about the two gents who run this site and what their backgrounds are.

There is also a Contact section where you may make contact with the people who run this site.

All in all, I thought this site was as its title claims: “Patently Silly!”

~ Amanda