Print the Headings Too

Do you print Excel worksheets for proofing reasons?

Do you find yourself frustrated that the row numbers and column letter headings aren’t on the paper? Would it make your job easier if they were?

If you’re looking for this type of assistance from Excel, there’s good news for you today! With one simple checkbox, you can get the printout exactly as you need it.

We’re looking for the File menu, Page Setup choice.

Now, on the Sheet tab, we need to locate the Print section.

It’s in this section that we’ll find the checkbox for “Row and column headings.” Check it and click OK.

With this option checked, you’ll get printouts with the row numbers and column letters like this:

Returning to the original printout version is as easy as a quick trip back to the Page Setup window and unchecking this option.

There’s nothing like having the power to make your job more efficient at your fingertips!

~ April