The Elephant Sanctuary


Welcome to the Elephant Sanctuary, which I consider a little patch of heaven for elephants that can be found in Tennessee. You can find out all about why the Elephant Sanctuary exists by visiting the Mission section.

On the main page, you have several navigation options: Contents, What’s New, Mission, Newsroom and Hawthorne Elephants. You can also find a link on the page to ELECAM, where you can watch the elephants in their habitat life.

What’s New – This is where you can check out all of the latest Sanctuary news.

Newsroom – Here you can find all of their media contact information, as well as, links to current hot topics.

Hawthorne Elephants – This section follows the journey of the Hawthorne Elephants who went to retire at the Elephant Sanctuary.

Contents – This is the most important link, because it takes you to the rest of the navigation for the site. There are two ways to navigate the rest. You can use the links on the page or you can go up to the button on the green bar at the top of the page and use the drop down menus to navigate through the different categories. I like the navigation along the top myself, because everything is divided into categories. The categories are: The Sanctuary, Our Elephants, About Elephants, In the News, etc.

Meet Our Elephants has got to be my favorite section of this site. Here you can not only see pictures of the elephants, but you can read their biographies as well. Just click on the image of the elephant you want to learn more about and you be taken to that elephant’s page. Some of the stories are heartwarming, others sad, but it’s interesting how different each elephant is from another.

Don’t forget to check out the Photo Gallery and the live camera. On the live camera page, you can also see some other archived videos. It’s pretty neat that there are people who care enough to provide this sanctuary for the elephants.


~ Amanda