Giggle Poetry

Well, once again, school is out for most kids around the country, and now diligent parents and grandparents might be wondering what they can do to keep their children learning and having fun. Well, I have one option for you today. Welcome to Giggle Poetry: a site devoted to funny poetry for children. This reminds me of the summers I had as a child, getting kids’ poetry books out of the library, or the first time my mom introduced us to “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein.

There are a lot of fun ways to navigate this site. You can use the blue banner in the top middle of the page under the words Giggle Poetry. This takes you to all sorts of different poems.

Or, you scroll down under that and go to the sections highlighted in the center of the page. Those are: Poetry Class, Poetry Fun, Poetry Theater, A Partially True Biography, Authors in School and Ask the Poet.

Then there is always the side menu to choose from as well. This side menu is really a conglomeration of the other two menus, but it has some extra links for teachers! Now, the way I would surf is just to click the categories that catch you or your child’s attention. Maybe start in the Featured Poem section or the poem category that caught your eye.

When you visit the poems, you’ll notice each poem has a rating system called the Giggle Meter. This is where you and your child can rate the poem from “I Love It” to “I Don’t Like It,” each with a different smiley face to choose from!

I thought the Poetry Fun section was really awesome, because it’s interactive. You’ll find riddles, tongue twisters and even fill in the blank poems here. This was probably one of my favorite sections.

Get ready to laugh while you explore!

~ Amanda