What are Live Bookmarks in Firefox?

This is why I wanted you to keep reading! Live Bookmarks are the way that Firefox keeps you updated with the Web sites you love to visit. While Internet Explorer has a special area where you can choose when you want it to look for updated versions of certain sites, Firefox does it through the Bookmark feature that has been one factor aiding to its popularity.

Several Web sites add new content throughout the day and all through the night. So, when you go to visit a certain site, you want to make sure you’re getting the newest and freshest material that is available. You probably have many bookmarks set in your Firefox browser and you can upgrade that a bit with Live Bookmarks. Live Bookmarks work with an RSS feed to send you the updates almost as quick as they happen. With this method, you won’t miss anything.

For example, if you like to visit CNN’s Web site every day for the latest news, you can have new headlines and fresh news stories sent to you automatically. The only problem with this feature is that not every single Web site supports Live Bookmarks. Most of the news sites and similar sites will though.

To see if your favorite Web site supports it, type in the Web address and go there (in your Firefox browser, of course). A little icon will appear either on the right side of the location bar or at the very bottom right hand corner of the window. The latter is only for anyone using Firefox 1.0.x.

The icon is a little orange square with a speaker type symbol inside.

If you want Firefox to start watching a certain Web site for you, just left click on the icon and choose what you want. Newer versions of Firefox have more choices, but the main one is “Subscribe to…” and it will give you some choices of what you can get. For example, I went to MSNBC’s Web site and I could either subscribe to the Top Stories or the Most Viewed. I chose Top Stories.

Once you make your selection, the bookmark box will appear on your screen. Just click OK and you will then see your new Live Bookmark displayed in your bookmarks menu. Then all of the stories from the site will be displayed under that heading. Pretty simple, huh?

Now, some sites say they do not support the Live Bookmarks feature even though they actually do. If you can’t find the orange icon, look for one that says RSS, RDF or Atom. Clicking on that will link you to the Live Bookmarks area for that site just the same. Once there, you need to copy the link. Then go to the Bookmarks menu, choose Manage Bookmarks, select File, New Live Bookmark. You can then choose a name for your site and then just paste the link. You will come out with the same result.

So, don’t ever be left behind again. The latest news can be at your fingertips with just a few clicks!

~ Erin