Microphone Lesson

Have you ever wanted to talk to your friends through your computer? I don’t mean through typing in an instant messaging program. I’m talking about your actual speaking voice. If that sounds good to you, then listen up!

If your computer doesn’t already have an integrated microphone (a lot of older computers aren’t going to have one), you can just go out and purchase an external microphone to be able to do this. There are all kinds of mics that you can use with your computer. Some stand up, some lay flat, some are headsets, etc.

Once you have your microphone, you just need to plug it into your computer and start using it! Where do you plug it in at, you ask? There are a couple different places that you can choose from. Most computers have a special microphone plug on the front of the tower. It’s usually pink in color, so it’s pretty easy to find. It will have the word “Mic” written next to it or there will be a picture of a microphone there, so you know you’re putting it in the right spot. It’s usually located right next to the earphones port as well. Laptops usually have a mic spot on the back, close to the USB ports. Several speaker sets have a microphone plug in as well. It’ll either be in the back or on the side of one speaker.

Once you find the right port, just plug the mic in. Follow the rest of the installation instructions that come along with your microphone and you’ll be all set to chat it up with your friends! This is perfect if you want to talk to someone who lives far away from you and you don’t want to rack up the phone bill by talking on the phone. Just use your mic instead! Keep in mind that whoever you talk to has to have a mic too if they want to talk back. If they don’t have a mic, they will only be able to listen to you talk. Have fun!

~ Erin