Okay this is an awesome radio site, but to start with, you need to learn how you can tune in. Go to the Help tab and choose How to Listen from the drop down menu. This will explain in detail what you need to listen to it and how to set it up. Once you’ve gotten that sorted out, go to the Listen Now tab.

Listen Now – This is where you can pick the kind of music you want to listen to from the drop down list. The categories are: Mostly Classical, New Age, Classical Guitar, Smooth Jazz and Top Hits, Best of the 80s, Roots Reggae, Top 70s, Country, Modern Jazz, Salsa and channels. Channels has a whole other listing of radio stations that you can choose from.

The other way you can pick a radio station is to just scroll down the main page past the premium login area and you’ll find a complete listing of channels.

Whether you’re looking for music to serve as a backdrop or just to enjoy, you can definitely find what you’re looking for here. I’ll admit, I’m quite enamored of the new age station. I listen to it while I work. It’s serene and peaceful, but not so distracting that I have to stop what I’m doing.


~ Amanda