Ashes and Snow

When you first load this site, you have the option between the enhanced and basic experience. For the enhanced version, you need Flash Player 8 and a broadband connection. If your computer can handle the enhanced version, I highly recommend checking it out.

Basic Exhibition – If you chose this option, you are taken directly to the more streamlined version of this site. You’ll have the navigation options of Portfolio, Vision, Exhibition and Codex.

Portfolio – Here you can leaf through some of the photos and start to truly experience these amazing images. I can’t begin to describe how tranquil and serene they are. I simply don’t have the words.

Vision – This is where you will learn all about the project, from the amazing images to the novel, and even the artist. When you choose this option from the menu, you’ll notice that there are also two sections that come up under the vision menu. They are Gregory Colbert and Collaborators, and Flying Elephants Foundation.

In the Gregory Colbert and Collaborators section, you can delve deeper into the artist’s mind and find out about the animals used in the photos. The Flying Elephants Foundation is an organization that Ashes and Snow supports. If you want to learn more about the foundation, feel free to visit their site.

Exhibition – Learn all about the exhibition at the Nomadic Museum. There are four sections here: Critical Acclaim, The Journey, Education Program and Nomadic Museum.

Critical Acclaim is where you can find all the compliments that Ashes and Snow have received from all kinds of magazines, newspapers, etc.

The Journey – This section allows you to see where the exhibition has been and you can continue to follow its journey.

Education Program – This is actually where I stumbled upon Ashes and Snow. The Education Program allows children to view the exhibition free by arrangement. There is a link just to the education portion of Ashes and Snow. You can check it out here.

Nomadic Museum – Here you will learn all about the museum itself and the architect who designed it.

The Enhanced Ashes and Snow – This section contains all of the same elements of the basic version and adds one. Here you get the option to Explore.

The journey is really in your hands now. You get a fusion of ethereal music, images and video as you traverse through. Click the image to begin once it has loaded. Did you notice all the images that swirled onto your screen? Once you’ve clicked the image to begin, scroll your mouse around the page and you’ll find that the images will come back to the surface when you mouse over them. Click on an image to continue your journey. What will you discover? Will you be moved by the tranquility? Will you find noble elephants? Or will you find cheetahs who look not only regal but wise? Find out now!

~ Amanda