Relocate In Seconds

If you recall, during the creation of an MS Excel chart, we have to pick a location for the chart creation. In other words, where do you want Excel to put the graph?

You have two choices: you could embed it as an object in a worksheet or you could put it on its own chart sheet.

Ever find yourself wishing you’d made a different choice?

Maybe you put it on its own sheet, but now you’ve got second thoughts. Now, you’d find it more useful if it was embedded in the sheet, but displayed next to the data.

What do you do?

Start over?

I hope not! Nobody likes to do the same work twice, especially when there’s a 30 second solution.

Interested in the solution?

Yeah, I thought so!

To change location of a chart, you should first right click in the white space of the chart (called Chart Area).

When the popup menu appears, choose Location.

This will take you back to the last step of the Chart Wizard, which is back to the step where you selected the chart location.

Choose a new location for the chart.

If you select “As new sheet,” your chart will appear on its own sheet. You can choose to give the new sheet a name in the box or use the one suggested by Excel.

As object in” will embed the chart in another sheet. Be sure to choose the sheet name from the drop down list on the right.

When you’ve made your new choice, click OK.

Poof! The chart is relocated without one ounce of that old “doing the same work twice” feeling!

~ April