AM Notebook

This week’s download should help you keep all your little chores, daily duties and random notes in order with extreme efficiency. The program that will help you do this is called AM Notebook and as the name suggests, it is like a small notebook.

AM Notebook is a small, powerful tabbed notebook application that allows you to store notes and spreadsheets in a convenient, centralized manner. The AM Notebook Lite is the free version of the Pro. The Lite version is a little watered down from its pay version, but is still quite useful. A full list of features is listed below.

Standard Note Page With Inserted Image:

Spreadsheet Open in a Different Tab:

AM Notebook Features:

Tab Support Allows you to open new notes and spreadsheets in new, easy to manage tabs, which can be saved together and recalled later.
Removable Drive / USB-Stick Support The program is portable, which means you can install it directly to a thumb drive, for instance, and take it with you. Plug it into another PC and it should work fine.
Full Formatting The format of the note structure can completely be formatted with different colors, fonts, paragraph configuration, etc.
Embed Tables Allows you to embed a table into the cell of another table.
Spellcheck Comes with its own spellcheck service.
Print Notes Can print out all the tabs or individual tabs that make up a set of notes.
Format Cells Allows the user to set different configurations for the structure of the letters and paragraphs of the text.
Calculate Column/Row Sums Can calculate the sums of products in either vertical or horizontal directions.
Print Spreadsheet Print out individual spreadsheets within the notes.
Backup/Restore Has a backup feature that will back up all the work you choose to a designated folder and of course, it has the ability to restore the data in case of a failure.

My days here at work and at home are equally chaotic. I’m always up and around the office taking care of this or that and it seems like I’m never able to finish a thought before being called off again. Without AM Notebook, I would forget about half the stuff I was supposed to do, because I can easily pull up and jot down notes with AM Notebook, keeping all of my notes in one area. With this program, I can easily find them and finish where I left off. This completely beats having sticky notes all over your desk and it gives me way more options to boot.

AM Notebook is a powerful, yet lightweight program that won’t take up much space on your system. The program has incredible help and support resources too. As a matter of fact, the first thing you see when you open the program is a “getting started quick” guide. There is a full featured Help file that can be reached at the top of the main interface and it is extremely helpful as well. There is even a message board at the site that is pretty populated and should be a great resource for anyone who still has some questions.

You can download AM Notebook here.

~ Chad Stelnicki