I lost some of the e-mail addresses for my friends and family. How can I find them again?

Unfortunately, we have all lost an e-mail address at some point or another. Isn’t it just the pits?! I know it has happened to me several times and I just go crazy over finding it again. So, if your e-mail address book somehow gets deleted or if you just flat out lost your list of contacts, what can you do? Do you just stop e-mailing those people forever? No, don’t do that! Try the following tips before you ever go that far!

One of the best ways to go about recovering e-mail addresses is to just ask. You can ask the actual person or if you feel bad for losing their address, ask around to other friends and family members to see if they know the e-mail address you’re looking for. Or if you misplaced a co-worker’s address, ask the other people you work with. Someone is bound to know and they can just forward the information to you.

If you can’t really use that method, start looking through your saved e-mails. Chances are, you saved an e-mail from the person who’s address you lost and you can just find the old e-mail and copy it down. Also, try looking through your sent e-mails. Most e-mail programs save sent e-mails for quite awhile and you may be able to locate the missing address from one of those. See, there’s ways around these things!

Also, if the person has their own personal Web site or if they run a blog (or something similar), they may have their e-mail address listed there. You can just go there and copy down the address. It doesn’t hurt to at least try!

Now, if you’re looking for an e-mail address of an old classmate or someone who never even gave you their address, you may want to try a classmates Web site and search by their name. You may have better results that way. You can also try searching by their real name on a “people search” Web site. Sometimes people include their e-mail addresses along with the rest of their contact information. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find it that way.

I’ve got one more for you! Did you know that you can add e-mail addresses to your favorites in a Web browser? Well, you can. Read here to learn how. This is just one more easy way to keep track of all of the e-mail addresses you have.

Well, there you go. Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you find your missing e-mail addresses so you can resume contact with the ones you love!

~ Erin