One Task Pane, Many Uses

Have you seen this Task Pane from MS PowerPoint?

Yep, that’s right! It’s the Slide Layout Task Pane. (Format menu, Slide Layout choice).

Did you know that with this one Task Pane, you can both insert slides with the specified layout and alter the layout of already created slides?

Well, if you didn’t know this one before, you do now!

So, here’s the deal.

If you want to insert a new slide, first select the slide that is to precede the new one.

The second step is to locate the layout you need in the Slide Layout Task Pane.

Now, place your mouse pointer over the layout button.

See the down arrow that appears to the right?

When you click the down arrow, a small menu will open.

The last choice is Insert New Slide. Choose it and instantly, you’ve got the slide you need with the layout of your choice.

Did you take a good look at the menu when it opened?

Did you by chance notice the first choice on the list?

If you take a close look, you’ll see that it is Apply to Selected Slides. So, this means that this Task Pane can be used to make changes to existing layouts.

For this one, you need to first select the slide or slides that need a new layout. (Only select multiple slides if they are all to be changed to the same new layout).

To apply the new layout, you can simply click the layout button you’ve chosen. (If for some reason you’re having difficulty getting the change completed, try the down arrow on the layout button and choose the “Apply to Selected Slides” option). Either way, you should find that the slide layout is different without disturbing any content.

With this tip, you’ll be giving your presentations a “face lift” in no time!

~ April