Paul Tonnes

First off, you need Flash to view this site, so If you don’t have it, you can download it here. Or you can use the link under the image on the page. Once you have flash, click Enter to get into the site. And trust me, it’s well worth it. There is sound on this site, so if you are at work and need to put this on the silent option, just click on the speaker in the top corner and the music will go away.

The artwork here is amazing. I fell in love with this artist as I browsed his site. Yes, there is a purchase link (what artist doesn’t have one today?) however, there isn’t a store to browse. It’s basically a link describing how to contact him and what information to have if you were interested in buying.

Philosophy – This is where you will find the method behind the art. How does he create his images and what moves him to do so.

Gallery – There are five categories here: Botanical, Abstract, Landscape, Surreal and Slideshow.

Botanical – See the beauty of nature through 16 images. My favorite is the Cathedral of Light and Wood, followed closely by Sincerity and Truth.

Abstract – Even if you don’t like abstract art, you should check out the image Sweep Us Away Like a Dream. It looks like plant life under water, with a dreamy quality to it. It is just lovely. You get 16 images here too, and some are even sort of mosaic.

Landscape – I don’t have a favorite here, because I couldn’t choose one. This section reminds me of photographs done like impressionistic paintings. There is a very Monet feel to a lot of them.

Surreal – Now, this is a style of art that I don’t usually enjoy. But these are so beautifully done and they’re not quite as far out there as some surreal work I’ve seen before. I also enjoy the feeling that you are looking at hidden places in some of them. It’s sort of like you’re in a secret garden.

Slideshow – If you want to see the images in a larger view, you can visit the slideshow and navigate through them that way. This opens in another window and you may need to click the link “Click here to start the panorama” to begin. Once there, you’ll find navigation at the top of the page with an arrow that allows you to leaf through them.

I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did!

~ Amanda