Runtime Error

What is a runtime error and what is its purpose? Well, it’s probably no surprise that everyone reading this has probably come across a runtime error sometime in their computer using lives. Runtime errors are common, but what are they? Here’s a little description for you.

Basically, it is an error that occurs during the execution of a program. Runtime errors go along with the “bug” errors that you may sometimes see as well. The error tells you that your system has found certain bugs in the program you are using. The error also indicates some problems that the creators of the program anticipated on, but couldn’t fix.

There are various runtime error numbers, each referring to a different problem and they can occur in various programs, including Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. If you are hit with a runtime error, look at the assigned number and do a Web search on it. Chances are, you will find a quick fix. Here is an example of one runtime error that could come up.

A common example of a runtime error is running out of memory. This could easily cause the error to show up on your computer. Runtime errors are fairly easy to recover from and they are nothing like a system crash.

So, the next time your computer is invaded by a runtime error, you’ll know what’s going on and you’ll know how you can go about fixing it fast!

~ Erin