Poetry Circle

Welcome to Poetry Circle, a contemporary poetry forum. It’s been awhile since I’ve found an interesting poetry site. Not only can you read amazing poetry, but you can discuss it, give your opinions and get opinions in return.

I urge you to register so you can fully access this site. Don’t worry, it’s free! Just click the register link and fill out the required fields and hit submit. Then check your e-mail for your confirmation e-mail and just activate your account. While you are waiting for that e-mail, you can browse around the site and read poems and thoughts of the people who post here. (If the e-mail seems like it is taking a long time to come, make sure you check your spam or deleted items folder, that’s where I found mine).

Navigation is simple too. You will find it on both sides of the screen with the Featured Work in the middle. The categories are: Contents, Member Tools, Latest News and Site Stats.

Contents – This category is broken down into three sections. The Writing is where you will find all the poetry your heart can desire. The Community is where you can read discussions on writing related topics. For example, publishing and much more. The Site section is where you can check out the editors area. There you can meet the editors, find out what their job entails and read their welcome message.

Member Tools – Here you can find help using the site, how to set up your profile, use a calendar and much more. It’s pretty self explanatory once you get into it and the help section really answers any questions that may arise.

Latest News – Of course, you’ll find the current news here.

And last, but not least is the Site Stats area. This shows you how many posts there are and how many views there have been.

So, grab some coffee or orange juice and wake up by reading some poetry!


~ Amanda