The CyberBass Project

All throughout school, I participated in choir. I found that I wanted to practice more at home and didn’t really have a way to. Well, I figured that if I joined the choir, I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. So, if you’re in choir or if you know someone who is, check out this site!

The CyberBass Project is here to help you learn your part through midi files of choral scores. It is simply fantastic. To learn more about what CyberBass is and isn’t, check out the FAQ section.

This site is a little busy for my taste, but it offers such a unique service to choral members that I couldn’t resist it. Scroll down past the tan colored sheet music area and you’ll find the navigation. The sections are: Music Index, Major Works, Vocal Exercises, Choirs Around the World, The Bach Cantata Project, Great Choral Midi Sites and Chat Room.

Music Index – Here you will find all the music categorized alphabetically (A to Z) by composer. At the top of the page, there is a “jump to” menu. Click the letter of the composer’s last name that you want and it hops you down the page to that letter. If you use the scroll bar at the bottom to move the page over, you’ll find the parts area. Here you can see what parts the score is broken into, then pick your part and start learning it. It will then load into a new page. You need QuickTime for this, get it free here.

Major Works – Here you will find the major works. Again, they are alphabetically listed by composer. It’s set up the same way as the index section.

Vocal Exercises – I adore this section. Here you can find vocal runs and breathing exercises to help you warm up your vocal chords. Awesome!

Choirs Around the World – This is where you can see what choirs from around the world have used CyberBass. It’s pretty neat, because it shows how useful this site is.

The Bach Cantata Project – While this isn’t done yet, there are some midi files up, so I wanted to mention it anyway. You can really see the grand scope of what CyberBass tries to tackle by looking at this section.

Great Choral Midi Sites – Not only does this site offer you midis to help you out, it also points you to other midi sites to help you even more!

Chat Room – Here you can chat with other people who are using this site. Maybe you’ll run into people from other choral groups who can help you out or you can just chat about being in choir. It’s pretty neat!

This site is so handy if you are in a choir. If you aren’t in a choir, but you know someone who is, pass it along!

~ Amanda