Checking Spaces Too

Have you ever found yourself looking at a printout of a document only to wonder just how many spaces are at the end of that sentence?

I mean, you’re looking at the paper and it certainly looks like there are either too many or not enough spaces. Too bad you didn’t notice the problem before you printed, right?!

How would you like MS Word to give you a hand in this department?

In fact, it seems to me that it’d be nice if Word would check the number of spaces after each sentence the same way it does the rest of the spelling and grammar.

If you agree, you’re in luck, because Word can be easily set to catch those little spacing problems we all run into.

To begin, we need to go to the Tools menu, Options choice, Spelling and Grammar tab.

In the Grammar section, click the Settings button.

When the Grammar Settings window opens, look toward the Required section at the top.

You should see an option for “Spaces required between sentences.” Use the drop down list to choose either one or two spaces.

Click OK to exit the Settings window and then click OK again to exit the Options window.

Voila! Word will now underline the end of sentence space problems in green just like any other grammar mistake!

~ April