Sent E-mails

If you use Outlook Express for all of your e-mail interactions, do you prefer to have it save a copy of the e-mails you send out every day? Sometimes it’s nice to have a saved copy in case you need to go back and reference a certain e-mail or maybe even have to send it again. So, if you’re having trouble getting OE to save your sent e-mails, check this out.

The main reason Outlook Express may not be saving your sent e-mails is because your Sent Items folder is damaged. Imagine that! So, what you’ll need to do is delete the existing folder you have now so OE can create a new one for you.

To delete your Sent Items folder, you’ll first need to know where your store folder is. Open OE and go to Tools, Options and choose the Maintenance tab. Down toward the bottom, click on the Store Folder button. This will display the location of your store folder. Once you have that in your mind, close Outlook Express and open your store folder. Within that, delete the file called Sent Items.dbx.

You can then reopen Outlook Express and a new Sent Items folder will automatically be created for you. To prevent this problem in the future, it’s a good idea to remove your sent e-mails from the folder. You can always create another folder somewhere on your computer to keep them in, but it’s best to keep them out of the Sent Items folder. It’s wise to do this whenever you have 1,000 sent e-mails or more. A very large Sent Items folder can also make OE run slower, so you definitely want to keep it cleaned out.

If you do all of that, you should have no more sent e-mail troubles!

~ Erin