Starting Over

So, you’re looking through your Excel workbook and you realize that you’ve got way too many different formats. You’ve got different fonts, font sizes and things like bold and underline effects everywhere. Nothing seems consistent with anything else.

Looking for a way to start over without manually removing it all or building the worksheet again from scratch?

Never fear, because I’ve got just the thing to strip your data of all its formatting for a fresh start!

First you have to select the cells from which you need to have the formatting removed. You could select a range of cells, an entire worksheet or several worksheets in the workbook. (To get this to work on several worksheets, you’ll have to select both the cells and the sheet tabs for all worksheets to be reformatted).

Once you’ve selected the cells, you’re ready to go to the Edit menu, Clear submenu, Formats choice.

Poof! All formatting is instantly stripped from the data (back to the default formatting), leaving you with a “clean” sheet where you can start all over again!

~ April