Best Friends Animal Shelter

So, by now you all know I’m an avid pet lover. I have three cats and two loveable dogs. (The cats would qualify as lovable if they didn’t have evil moments!) But, one of our cats has been going through a territory issue and doing things it shouldn’t have been doing all over my house. Which, to be honest, hasn’t thrilled me. My roommate and I were at our wits end and couldn’t afford a visit to the vet. Then I found this site, which has an awesome section on pet behavior. ( I’ll go into that more later, but needless to say, it really helped me out).

This program, called No More Homeless Pets, really struck my attention. I would love to live in a world where healthy animals weren’t needlessly put down. Spaying and neutering has brought that number down considerably, however, there are still millions of animals that are killed because shelters are too full or their owners can’t handle their behavior problems. Here you can learn all about how this program is working toward making a world where there are no more homeless pets.

So, I bet you are wondering about navigation, right? Well, you can navigate easily from the side menu or you can do my favored method of just clicking around. To learn more about the sanctuary, just check out the At the Sanctuary section. Here you can even meet some of the rescued animals, as well as, get some information on visiting the sanctuary, should you want to.

My favorite section of this site is the You and Your Pets section. Here you can learn a lot about raising your loved pet of choice, whether you have had them for years or are going to be getting them as a new addition to your family. You will definitely want to check out the Pet Care Library. I learned some very helpful tips to turn my problem cat back into the adorable twenty-pounder that he was previously. You can also share your photos and animal stories in the Your Photos and Stories section. They even keep an archive of past photos and stories. And, if the pet library wasn’t enough help to begin with, you can get even more pet information, tips and tricks from other users in the Member Forums.

I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of information that could have been really interesting to share with you, but I’ll let you explore it on your own! As the proud owner of five rescued animals, I’m thrilled to share this site with you today. Check it out!

~ Amanda