Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard After All

If you’re like me (a fan of customizing my Microsoft toolbars), you’re going to want to know about this one!

Have you ever noticed the little vertical bars between button groups on toolbars?

I don’t know about you, but I like them. The separations help me use the toolbars more efficiently. I don’t feel like I’m “hunting” for the right button all the time, because it’s always right there in its little group like it’s supposed to be.

Have you ever wondered where they all go while you’re busy moving/adding/removing buttons from the toolbars?

Do you really care where they went or are you just more interested in how to get them back?

(Let’s face it, getting them back is way more practical!)

Okay, so we go in search of vertical dividers.

First, you need to turn on the Customize feature. Either use the Tools menu, Customize choice or right click over a toolbar and choose Customize from the pop up menu.

With the Customize window still open, right click on the button immediately to the right of where you need a vertical divider.

From the pop up menu, choose Begin a Group.


The divider will appear.

To remove a divider, simply right click on the button to the right of the divider and uncheck Begin a Group from the menu.

Poof again!

The divider is gone.

Vertical dividers on your command!

~ April